segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

The Broken Fart

So bad, that bad, that is so bad
it's smells like ass
it's smells like gas

Beans, chilli, corn, porky meat and alcohol
Rice, cheese'n peas, human meat and steroids for all
make this sound and let it out

So loud, that loud, that is so loud
it makes me proud when i am not around

The broken fart inside your self
makes you stink like i'm in hell
you could at least respect our bed
this time i'm done
you're not dumb

Ninja, wild, frap like granny, meat loaf and the premium candy

The broken fart inside your self
makes me feel like a dicht
and i'm only in couse you're rich
don't feel undead
you're alive, is just your guts not working right

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