segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Meu primeiro comentario no "Huffington post" sobre o governador da Carolina do sul e a escapada alá argentina.

The media always does a storm in a glass of water.
His wife was clearly not fulfilling her duty as a wife, by completing a one year sex strike.
The guy was lonely and tired of spanking his clown, and then called an old girlfriend to have a flashback bang. So what's the problem? I do this all the time, it's good to remember.
Ok, ok, agreed, the guy is a public figure, (or was, don't know what's best to fit in) and am not, and that's exactly why he should've tried harder to hide his secret affair from the media, I mean, c'mon! Reporters have no life's at all, so they are always looking for someone who stepped in poo poo, they make your life miserable so they can feel better about themselves and the size of their dongs .

If you cheat and get caught you are a cheater, but if you cheat and get away, you win!

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