segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Minha bio no "The Huffington post"

My real life kind of started when i reached 16 and had sex for the first time. I love girls, beer drinking and eccentric people.
I'm one skeptic bastard, sorry if i offend religious people, i just can't help it. It feels like i might explode, looks a little like the tourette syndrome, (a genetic disorder that cause uncontrollable ticks, cursing and spasms, it has no cure, but it is treatable) when the subject are believes, spirituality and religions i just feel compelled to debate, kind of sucks, i've lost entire afternoons discussing religion with dumbasses believers, trying to convince them that God is a creation of man and not the other way around. It was Saturday night and my girl had tables reserved in a fancy French restaurant, i was already late and walking real fast to get there on time, shit happens when you least expect, i was crossing the street when all of the sudden two guys wearing cheap suits showed up and start to following me really fast, those two guys were hard walkers mormons... She break up with me in the next morning.

Humankind should really stop messing with the planet and the nature and should do it fast.
Mankind rules! I love to be alive experiencing feelings and of course the best of all, thinking. With my awesome gifted brain i can go any where i want without moving my body, and when i speak and people actually hear what i've to say, I feel victorious! But seriously, some men's are just assholes, corrupt pricks that keep taking chances from people that really need's, every person living in this sphere deserves a chance to try.

I live my life just like any other Christian in the planet, except for the fact that i'm an atheist, my moral sense is not screwed up, i care for people, look:

We're just a bunch of hairless, very smart monkeys that got "the" lucky to have their DNA in a massive ball of lava, in the exact planet where life will happen and evolve.

Planet earth, I love you and we're the luckiest hairless monkeys in the whole galaxy!!!

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apenas uma casualidade isso aê malandro.